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Why is msmpeng.exe using so much CPU and how to fix msmpeng.exe error?

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Is the msmpeng.exe running high on CPU and lags your Windows system? First of all, you should know that the msmpeng.exe file is an important component of Microsoft Windows Defender and Windows Live OneCare, which mainly uses to scan files when they are loaded for malware infection. This way, it usually loads automatically as PC starts so as to well secure the computer. But if it is using too much CPU usage, it could be infected by some viruses or malware and you have to pay more attention to check & fix it. Otherwise, some unexpected errors will come on the neck of another.

fix msmpeng.exe error

Some causes of msmpeng.exe error
Actually, there are many reasons for the msmpeng.exe errors on your computer and the most common one are those:

* Old or incompatible hardware
* Older versions of software or incompatible software
* Virus or any other malfunctioned program attacks
* A bad program installation or uninstallation

How to fix msmpeng.exe error?
Most of the time, an error due to a corrupted msmpeng.exe file can bring in the annoying exe application error messages. This usually occurs when the system is turned off forcefully, some applications were terminated improperly or when the exe files gets infected by some known viruses. When you are getting the msmpeng.exe application error message, try to use the system searching function to see whether you can find a copy of msmpeng.exe in this folder C: WINDOWS/system32 or not. If you find it in other location, it must be removed incorrectly by mistake. At this time, you should copy it back to the correct folder C: WINDOWS/system32. If you fail to find it on your PC, you can copy the file from another computer with the same version of Windows operating system to your problem computer. By this simple replacement job, you can most of the time fix the msmpeng.exe application error on your PC.

Secondly, I would suggest you to download a trusted antivirus antispyware program and scan your computer for viruses & malwares. It is quite common for some system files such as msmpeng.exe and libvorbisfile.dll to be attacked and removed from the PC within some unknown threats, bringing in the appearance of msmpeng.exe error message. What is more, it is notoriously known that it is a 90% chance for a PC to get infected even though it is only for daily usage. To secure your personal information and ensure a proper startup all the time, you’d better let your antivirus antispyware program running in the background to detect and remove all potential & existing threats to the PC.

Thirdly, download and run an advanced registry cleaning tool to completely scan & repair all Windows registry errors. The Windows Registry is one of the most important parts of a Windows-based operating system to store all information about the system, which includes hardware, operating system software, user settings, software, application, etc. Simply speaking, without this database the computer won’t run properly. However, it at the same time can generate some registry errors when the computer gets infected or when you do not install/uninstall a program completely, and finally cause an msmpeng.exe system error at startup. Registry errors can severely affect your hardware as well your installed programs and you’ll have no choice but to spend a lot of money on a PC technician or a new PC. If the system cannot locate the msmpeng.exe file within the registry database correctly, you will soon get an exe error message at PC startup. A registry cleaner tool will completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors existing on the PC that causing the msmpeng.exe system error to happen. This way, you will soon run the computer properly without problems.

Now, you should get the answer to “why is msmpeng.exe using so much CPU and how to fix msmpeng.exe error”. Annoyed with the msmpeng.exe error on your PC right now? Directly fix it with the above simple solutions right now, and then you can enjoy the computer pleasantly all the time.

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