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Why my computer is showing error messages at startup and how to stop them?

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on November 6th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Have you ever asked yourself “why my computer is showing error messages at startup?” Yeah, it is common for the users to encounter some errors messages while starting up the computer, for example, Windows won’t start, RunDLL errors at startup, etc. But do you know what causes those errors to happen and how to stop it from appearing again? If the answer is NO, follow me now and you can get some easy steps to maintain stable computer running all the time.

PC startup error message

To get rid of various errors at system startup, you should first scan and remove all computer viruses from the PC. We know that it is very easy for the computer to get infected by kinds of computer viruses and spyware programs in your daily computer life. Such threats will disable or reset your computer settings and do whatever it wants on the computer. Besides, some Virus makers are good in scripting to make their virus/malware as windows service and display an error code 1053 when you are trying to load some services. Once your PC or Internet settings have been attacked by such threats, you will be likely to get various error messages at starting up the computer. So, do remember to first scan and remove all PC threats from the computer immediately. By the way, from a study we can learn that there is a 90% chance for the computer to get infected by spyware programs even though the computer is only for daily usage. So, it is highly recommended that you can let your PC protection programs always running in the background to realtime block and remove all PC threats.

Sometimes, the confliction among the programs on your PC can bring in numerous computer startup error messages. In many cases, the computer startup error messages will happen when the programs on your computer do not work compatibly with others. In you get the error message soon after install a new program, directly uninstall it and the problem will be solved immediately.

By the way, to ensure a proper computer running without frequent startup error message, you’d better disable some unnecessary startup items, uninstall some useless programs and remove all unneeded files & folder from your hard drives… If possible, defragment your hard drive at scheduled to keep everything in order. Those simple tips help to effectively optimize PC performance and stop some startup error messages from happening frequently.

Fourthly, you have to make sure that you have updated all the available Windows updates. We know that Microsoft will frequently release a lot of updates to fix some bugs in the system, which might sometimes fix the frequent computer startup errors. To do this, directly click onto Start > Windows Update, and then download and install all the available updates here. In addition, it’s also highly recommended that you can scan your PC for viruses and delete all threats from your computer immediately. Once some needed files are mis-deleted from the computer, you will also come to the chances to get the annoying error message on PC screen while starting it up.

Lastly, you should run a registry cleaner program to scan through your Windows registry and fix any of the potentially damaged or useless entries inside. Windows will have all of its settings and configurations stored inside the “registry database” of your system. That is, registry database is a place for your computer to keep all the files and settings that it needs to ensure the proper running of the computer and all programs installed. Although it is important, registry is normally a main cause for a large number of errors on your computer, for example, slow running computer, numerous dll & exe errors, runtime errors. So no matter whenever you want to enjoy a smooth computer life without frequent startup errors, it is recommended that you should install and run a good registry cleaner to scan and fix any of the errors your system has.

In my opinion, an error message at Windows startup is quite common and inevitable. But if you keep on getting various startup error messages, you should take regular actions to check and maintain computer performance. Otherwise, you will end up losing your computer completely.

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