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Why “The tablet driver is not running” error message pops up frequently?

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on January 14th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Some users complain that when trying to turn on or off the computer, the message “The tablet driver is not running” pops up again & again, and stops them from using the computer properly as usual. Sometimes, it appears when the tablet is not working or not; but in some cases, it might appear even though the tablet is functioning well. What is up and how can you get rid of this error message instantly?
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To totally get rid of “The tablet driver is not running” message, you must spend some time updating computer drivers. You have to know that a driver is fundamentally a file that manages both external and internal devices, such as scanners or video cards. And all devices on your PC need a corresponding driver to perform correctly. In this way, there are times when other devices that come with CDs need to be installed first before it can be used. It is, of course, easy for these drivers to become out of date and cannot be used correctly by some devices, bringing in the appearance of the error message. So, do remember to check and update all your drivers to the latest ones.

If a driver update does not get rid of “The tablet driver is not running” message, you can simply place the operating system installation CD in the drive and reboot the computer. Watch for the message “press any key to boot from CD” then press a key (usually, I use the space bar). However, if you do not get this message, you will need to change the boot options in the BIOS settings to make sure it looks to the CD/DVD drive first. Then, you can select the “Repair” button to completely scan through the whole system and repair all existing errors. But you have to be aware that this method will erase some of your personal files/folders and programs; hence, it is highly recommended that you have to make a backup first before taking this job.

If the two steps above do not have to get rid of “The tablet driver is not running” error message, you have to make sure that the computer is well protected from threats. There are many ways for a computer to get infected with malware such as virus, worm, Trojan horse and so on. Whenever the threats get onto the computer, they will do whatever they want – attack & remove any files from the PC, collect & steal your personal information, or hijack your Internet activities… When the system cannot recall its required files to run the computer and some applications, there is no doubt for you to get the driver is not running error message or some other errors like “Computer Monitoring Error”. Regularly scan your computer with an advanced antivirus program and remove PC threats; there is no need for you to worry about such error messages in your future PC life.

However, a simple mistake in Windows registry database will stop the system to access or read any file on the hard disk and finally bring in “The tablet driver is not running” message. We know that registry is one of the most important parts of Windows-based operating system which is used to store all important settings & options for the computer. No matter whatever you have done on the computer, it will read through the registry database for the required entries to finish the request. If the system fails to read the registry database for the needed entries, you will no doubt get “The tablet driver is not running” when trying to access the hard disk or booting up the computer. So, before reformatting your MBR, give a professional registry repair tool a chance. It will most of the time fix the disk read error easily.

To sum, many reasons can bring “The tablet driver is not running” error message and stop you from using the computer properly as usual. Do not let go of it and you should take instant actions to well maintain your PC right now! Otherwise, you may come to the chance to suffer from more serious PC errors!

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