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Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 – How to Remove Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 effectively

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Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 is a fake antivirus program that installs on a target computer by the help of downloader Trojan or backdoor Trojan which exploits system vulnerability to access the system. The fake antivirus program pretends to be a legitimate one and wants to persuade users to purchase its full version. On the one hand, Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 damages the computer by disturbing normal pc operation, such as deleting files, killing processes and blocking access to internet. On the other hand, it displays security warning message informing users the computer is infected and reports non-exist pc threats. Its main purpose is to make users believe that Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 can cure the infected computer, but the fact is it is the biggest threat on the computer. You should not waste your money on the fake antivirus software. When you make the payment, hackers may steal your account information including passwords. When you see any related fake alerts or your web browser is hijacked by warnings, the malware is just finding its way to your computer. If you are one of the victims of the fake antivirus program, you can learn to remove it completely.

How to remove Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 completely

When the rogue program is installed, related files and registry entries will be created. The software can run at windows startup because it modified related registry entries. To remove the malware, you have two ways.

Manual way
Few people will choose this way due to its complexity. Manual way involves three steps. First you need to stop Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 from running. You can kill its processes via task manager, but sometimes the rogue program can disable task manager. In this case, you need to restart computer and run task manager immediately before the rogue program loads in to block it. Second, you need to remove malicious files. On the desktop you can see the icon of Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 and find out its path according to properties. Moreover, according to the processes you kill you should also find related files. Last, run registry editor and remove registry entries associated with Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013. The whole process requires advanced pc skills. If you are not experienced enough, choose the automatic way.

Automatic way
This way involves a third party removal program which can simplify the removal processes. Using a third party removal program such as an antivirus program can remove dangerous virus safely. Users without any pc knowledge can also get rid of Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 instantly.

Here we recommend you a program called Spyware Cease, which is proved to be able to take care of the computers infected by rogue programs. You just need to download and install the software on your pc to run a scan.

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