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Win 7 Total Security 2013 – Best Way to Remove Win 7 Total Security 2013 from Your Computer

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on October 27th, 2012 | Leave a comment

It is easy to find out that Win 7 Total Security 2013 is a fake security application related with downloader Trojan that can download and install malicious programs on the target computer. The infection starts with fake security warning messages which either hijack your web browser or pop up on the right corner of the desktop. When the fake alerts show up, the computer is already infected even you ignore the warning. Win 7 Total Security 2013 will displays fake alerts and pretend to scan the computer and then give you a scaring scanning report, in order to convince you to purchase the full version. It is a common trick of rogue software. Though few people will waste their money on the rogue software, many people still can not get rid of Win 7 Total Security 2013 completely. This article will show you two methods to wipe off the malware instantly.

Win 7 Total Security 2013 manual removal guide
We consider manual way as a possible way instead of a guaranteed way to get rid of the infection. The reason is simply that it involves some uncertain factors. First of all, whether the users have enough pc skills to complete the instruction correctly plays an important role in Win 7 Total Security 2013 removal. Secondly, the rogue software corrupts computer in different aspects. When the compromised is almost disabled, it is impossible to remove the malware manually.

1. Run task manager and find out random processes. Right click them and press end process button
2. Search for related files and folder of Win 7 Total Security 2013 and delete them
3. Open registry editor, search for associated registry entries and values, modify registry to the original.

Best way to remove Win 7 Total Security 2013
The best way is to use a professional security program. Unlike manual removal, using a security program does not involve so many uncertain factors. As long as you can find an effective virus removal program, you can get rid of Win 7 Total Security 2013 easily without spending time on troubleshooting. Even when a technician is fixing an infected computer, he will firstly try a virus removal program. Here I recommend you to try Spyware Cease, an advanced virus removal program, which is a common choice of pc technicians. With Spyware Cease, you do not have to hire someone else to cure the infected computer. And it could provide powerful protection for the system.

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