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Win32:Evo-gen – Best Ways to Remove Win32:Evo-gen instantly

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on February 4th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Win32:Evo-gen is a virus that can hide on the compromised computer deeply. Like other pc threats, the virus will damage the computer from various aspects. It is difficult to detect such a virus without a professional antivirus program. Win32:Evo-gen creates certain registry entries to make sure it can run automatically without being stopped by a security program. It also modifies firewall or damages security system to let other threats invade the compromised computer easily. Moreover, it displays fake pop-up warnings and creates ports that link to remote servers. Virus that can connect to its server is usually used to steal information. So is Win32:Evo-gen. The virus will collect sensitive information such as login data and passwords and then transmit it to the server. The virus is distributed via spam email and will also use your email account to send spam emails.

How to remove Win32:Evo-gen manually
Manual way is one of the possible ways to get rid of the virus, but it is one of the most difficult and risky ways. It involves killing processes, delete malicious files and modifying windows registry. For most users Win32:Evo-gen manual removal is not easy to complete without making any mistake.

1. Check the following processes and stop those suspicious


2. Remove following files

%USERPROFILE%\ My Documents\ MSDCSC\ msdcsc.exe
%APPDATA%\ microsoft\ svchost.exe
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ Application Data\ ADDICT-THING\ bhoclass.dll

3. Run registry editor and delete registry entries created by Win32:Evo-gen

A quick way to get rid of Win32:Evo-gen
It takes much time to find out all items of the software. If you do not have so much time or if you do not know how to remove it manually, you should download a virus removal program which can remove the threat completely. Since some security programs classify Win32:Evo-gen as threat and put detection on it, you can choose such kind of security programs to clean up your pc. For example, Spyware Cease, an advanced antispyware program, is one of those that can remove Win32:Evo-gen instantly after a scan. You just need to download the program, run a scan and then click a remove button.

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