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Windows 7 computer won’t update – Why won’t Windows 7 updates install?

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on December 4th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Have you ever fond your Windows 7 computer won’t update for some time? Based on some users’ experience, the Windows 7 updates won’t install by giving an error code like 80073712 or by showing an error message saying that “Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running; You may need to restart your computer” or something similar like this. We know that updates are really important and needed to maintain PC performance & enhance its ability against some known threats. But what should you do when Windows 7 computer won’t update correctly?

why won't Windows 7 updates install

No matter in installing which update you get the Windows 7 computer won’t update error message, make sure that you are connected to the Internet properly. A poor Internet connection may stop you from downloading the Windows service packs completely, which can finally result in a Windows update failure.

Secondly, trying running the Windows update service from services again. To do this, go to Start – Control Panel – System and Security – Administrative Tools – Services. After that, look for the ‘Windows Update’ service and start the service. Be sure to log in as an administrator.

If you find Windows 7 updates won’t install properly soon after reinstalling the Windows on a new hard drive. You may need to download and install a new driver. That is because the newer hard drives require a driver update for some hardware devices such as Intel Rapid Storage Technology. By the way, it is best that you can check and install all other available drivers. Once you have installed the newer driver, reboot the computer and you may be able to install the Windows updates properly.

Thirdly, when asking “why won’t Windows 7 updates install”, do not forget to completely scan the whole PC and delete all computer viruses. If some files needed to install the updates have been attacked and destroyed by the viruses, you may also come to the chance to get a Windows 7 update install failure error message. You should run a trusted antivirus program to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all viruses immediately.

After removing PC viruses, run the “SFC/scannow” command to scan and replace all missing, corrupted or broken system files. Also, you can go to Control Panel, search for “troubleshooter”, and ran the “Fix problems with Windows Update” under System and Security. This will also detect and fix some problems that causing the Windows 7 computer won’t update issue.

However, if after all the above instructions you still fail to install some Windows 7 updates, then the problem may exist on the computer itself. And the one you should first pay attention to is the Windows registry. Over time, the Windows registry starts to accumulate tons of useless & invalid entries and settings due to bad software install & uninstall. Also, the movement of files can also add to the accumulation of junk data in the registry. Another major contributor to the registry errors are spywares, viruses and Trojan horses which are capable of attacking & removing any files… When the Windows 7 computer cannot locate the needed entries to install updates properly, an error code or a Windows update fail error message will be displayed. So, the final thing you should do when finding the “Windows 7 computer won’t update” is to thoroughly scan & repair all Windows registry errors. A simple error within the Windows registry will stop you from installing any update, application on the PC. But a registry fix process will scan and fix all those errors immediately within clicks.

Still asking yourself “why won’t Windows 7 updates install”? Want to install all recommended updates on Windows 7 properly without problems? Follow the above steps now and you will soon run your Windows 7 computer properly all the time!

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