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Windows 7 installation error – Troubleshoot and fix Windows 7 installation issue

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on October 19th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Right now many users prefer to install Windows 7 on their computer, however, such installation job does not go smoothly as they expected. That is, they will suffer some annoying Windows 7 installation error messages like error code 1603 during the install process and file to do the job smoothly. If you are having a hard time getting Windows 7 to complete its installation process, you can study the information and steps outlined in the following discussion to sort out the problem & get Windows 7 successfully installed on your PC.

Windows 7 installation issue

The first thing you should do when trying to troubleshoot and fix Windows 7 installation issue is to detect and remove all computer viruses or other malware. The viruses or spyware programs are able to attack and remove any file from the computer. While the system fails to re-call its required files to load the computer and other programs correctly, there is no doubt that you will fail to install Windows 7 successfully on your PC. So, do remember to download and run your antivirus antispyware program immediately to scan and remove all PC threats.

Sometimes, the Windows 7 installation problem was caused because you are still running an outdated version. The outdated Windows installer engine will stop you from successfully loading all required entries to install a program or the Windows 7 system. Hence, the second thing you should do right now is to directly check and install the available latest version of Windows installer engine. In many cases, the Windows 7 installation issue can be fixed after a simple driver update.

Thirdly, the Windows 7 installation error can also be happened when there is not enough space on your hard disk. You know that every time we install a program on the computer, the system will basically remove the files from the “archive” of the installer and then place them into the temporary folder on the hard drive. Hence, you have to make sure that there is enough amount of space required for the files to be stored. So when getting errors during installing Windows 7 on your PC, you need to clear out all temporary files from your hard drive. To manually delete temporary files, you can simply perform the below steps:

1. Start Windows Explorer.
2. Open the drive:\Windows\Temp folder, where all temporary files are stored.
3. On the Edit menu, click Select All.
5. Click Yes to confirm that you are going to delete the temporary files from the computer.

The final step you should do to fix the Windows 7 installation problem is to clean out registry of your system, which is a large database to store important information & settings for the Windows system. Registry is used continually to help properly load the computer and all programs on the PC; it’s often causing a large number of problems to the computer, either due to the way in which the computer cannot process the registry settings it requires to run or due to a simple problem with the settings of your PC. When the Windows installer engine is not able to read its necessary entries to finish the Windows 7 installation process, you will not doubt fail to get Windows properly installed on your PC. If none of the above solutions fix the error, it is highly recommended that you should download and run a professional registry repair tool to thoroughly scan & safely remove all existing & potential errors from the computer.

To troubleshoot and fix Windows 7 installation issue can sometimes be very easy if you know how to do, in my opinion. If possible, get this PC repair tool to scan through your PC before installing Windows 7; then you won’t encounter any problem during the install job as it helps to completely troubleshoot the whole system and fix all existing errors instantly.

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