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Windows 7 Security Tool – How to Remove Security Tool from Windows 7

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on January 9th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Are you fed up with Windows 7 Security Tool? Are you eager to remove it completely? Of course, you are. This post will guide you how to remove this rogue antivirus program thoroughly.

Windows 7 Security Tool is a rogue anti-spyware program which is classified as a rogue as it displays false information. The main purpose of it is to threat you into purchasing the program. At the very beginning, you are not aware of it as virus. But gradually, it causes a great deal of problems on the infected system. It can destroy system files and corrupt system, block access to Internet, disable programs and folders, get other malwares onto the system, etc. Therefore, there is no doubt that Windows 7 Security Tool is a high degree threat to your PC and it needs to be removed immediately with manual solutions to avoid other damages to your system and protect your precious data.

Steps to Remove Windows 7 Security Tool by Yourself

If you know well about your computer structure and own enough computer knowledge, and think that manually wipe off Windows 7 Security Tool is a piece of cake for you, you may choose to remove Windows 7 Security Tool by yourself, and clean out all of Windows 7 Security Tool related ingredients manually, this require a good knowledge about computer and the system structure, so if you are just a common computer users, you may cannot correctly find out and delete those files properly, and the error your make on the registry editor will cause your computer suffer more serious damage.

When remove Windows 7 Security Tool manually, these related components should be thoroughly cleaned out.
1. Stop the malware from running in the background
2. Find out associated files and delete them
3. Remove associated registry entries and delete them

How to Remove Windows 7 Security Tool automatically
Automatic way needs a virus removal program which could pick up all related files and registry entries. Some antivirus programs fail to remove the rogue program because they are blocked from running or updating by the infection. Are you looking for an advanced virus removal program that can wipe off Windows 7 Security Tool instantly? Spyware Cease is an antispyware program specialized at removing rogue program.

Spyware Cease is not only designed to remove various threats but also repair system vulnerability to prevent infections like Windows 7 Security Tool.

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