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Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 – Detailed causes and solutions

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Your computer recently got the blue screen of death without any obvious reasons? You keep on getting a Windows 0Xc00000e9 error message when trying to restart the computer and troubleshoot the BSOD issue? Well, every computer will crash suddenly together with a BSOD error over time; but if the Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 appears too frequently, you need to take immediate actions to solve it. Otherwise, you will be exposed to more serious computer errors. By the way, the error 0Xc00000e9 usually reads like this:
“Status: 0Xc00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.”

blue screen error

In many cases, a Windows 0Xc00000e9 blue screen is just a temporary issue and can be fixed after a system reboot. So, when getting the blue screen, directly restart it to see whether the blue screen has gone or not.

If a restart does not solve the BSOD error, get it into safe mode and then completely scan & remove all computer threats. Virus and other computer threats are able to attack and remove any files from the computer, for example, scdocvm.dll and audiodg.exe file. Once the computer cannot recall the needed files to start up the computer or run a specific program, the 0Xc00000e9 error message will appear immediately. So the second thing you need to do is to download and run your antivirus antispyware program to fully scan your computer and remove all PC threats immediately.

Thirdly, a Windows error code 0Xc00000e9 blue screen might occur if you have mistakenly installed a faulty device driver, system service, or firmware. So, when getting the blue screen error message, check whether there are some drivers listed. If so, disable, remove, or roll back the driver to correct the problem. If this does not solve the problem, try updating the drivers to the latest ones or contact the manufacturer for possible solutions. You should know that using updated software is especially important to ensure the stable running of the computer, especially for multimedia applications, antivirus programs, and CD mastering tools. By the way, it is best that you can download and install all available Windows update packs and some unknown bugs can most of the time be quickly fixed by the released Windows updates.

If possible, you can replace your random access memory. First of all, remember that inside the motherboard of your computer, Random Access Memory is a permanently installed hardware to maintain the smooth running of the computer. RAM is a rectangular piece that gives the CPU all the instructions to go. If the RAM is not functioning properly, it is common that your computer will crash randomly together with a Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9. Thus, replacing the RAM will most of the time fix a laptop blue screen of death.

Last but not least, fix Windows registry errors. First, remember that every computer holds a vital registry database that is very important. That is because your registry folder holds information on just about everything on your system regarding user settings, computer policies, operating system functionality, as well as hardware and software information. When sometime goes wrong, the computer won’t run properly as well as generate kinds of PC errors. To get rid of Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 error, check and fix all registry errors right now.

No matter in running which operation system you get the Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 error message, you should not let it go. It is wise to take instant actions to troubleshoot and deal with the error as quickly as you can before it brings in unexpected damages to the computer. Good luck and wish you enjoy the PC all the time!

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