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Windows code 39 error – Fix error code 39 now

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on March 30th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”

error code 39

If you see this Windows code 39 error elsewhere in Windows, chances are something goes wrong with the hardware devices added to the computer. Sometimes, it also indicates a severe system error which you should fix as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you will soon suffer from various unknown errors. How can you fix error code 39 on your own?

To fix the Windows code 39 error, the first thing you should do is to install any available updates for your Windows system. To find and install available updates, directly open the “Start” menu, click “All Programs” and select “Windows Update” from the menu. Click “Yes” to confirm the action if prompted. Then, you can simply select the “Check for updates” option in the left pane of the “Windows Update” window; then click “View available updates” and “Driver updates” for all available updates from your computer. By default, the updates will appear in list form. Finally, you can click each driver update that you want to install on your Windows system and press the “Install” button, and then follow the on-screen steps to finish the installation of all such updates. Sometimes, the patches contained in the newer update will fix the error code 39 quickly.

Secondly, to prevent and fix Windows code 39 error it is better that you can scan and remove all computer viruses. Right now with the spread of technology, most people in the world are infected by different kinds of computer viruses: Trojan horse, Spyware, Worms, etc. Seriously, they are able to replicates by being copied to another program, computers or some files and do whatever they want on the PC. In this way, lots of PC users complain that the computer virus is such great source of danger as it can easily destroy important files and information from the computer permanently. A virus affected computer system can result in low productivity, excessive CPU usage, high expenses in recovering information and different kinds of computer errors like XMD.dll is missing. Just download an anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all existing & potential PC threats. This also helps to fix the code 39 error message on Windows computer.

Thirdly, you can directly use the Windows built-in Windows Disk Manager tool to check for file system errors and bad sectors existing on the hard disk. A simple hard disk error at sometimes can bring in a Windows code 39 error message to appear. To check your drives, perform the three simple steps here:
1- Double click “My Computer”, right click on drive you want to check and select Properties
2- Click Tools tab and “Check Now” under Error-checking option
3- In popping-up dialog box select the “Automatically fix file system errors” or/and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” to automatically check & fix file system errors/bad sectors

Last but not least, a minor mistake in Windows registry database will stop the system to access or read any file on the hard disk, bringing in a code 39 error message to take place. We know that registry is one of the most important parts of Windows-based operating system which is used to store all important settings & options for the computer. No matter whatever you have done on the computer, it will read through the registry database for the required entries to finish the request. If the system fails to read the registry database for the needed entries, you will no doubt get the Windows code 39 error message when trying to access the hard disk or booting up the computer. So, before reformatting your computer, give a professional registry repair tool a chance. It will most of the time fix the disk read error easily.

To sum, a Windows code 39 error indicates either a Device Manger error or a system error. If cannot be repaired timely, lots of errors will come on the neck of another. Take the above steps right now and you will soon fix error code 39 on your own.

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