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Windows Hangs in Normal Boot – Stop Computer Hangs Easily

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on March 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

There are many times for you to fail to boot up the computer properly, for example, it just hangs in normal boot and does not continue at all. This can be caused by a problem within the software, hardware, virus, registry, and many more. No matter what it is, it may stop you from running the computer properly. Just take it easy and read on; you will get some solutions to stop computer hangs easily.

stop computer hangs

When the Windows suddenly hangs in normal boot, directly restart it or get it restart into safe mode. Sometimes, it might be caused due to a temporary issue on the PC and stop you from booting it up properly. A simple restart will stop such annoying computer hangs issue.

If you fail to restart it, try repairing the Windows installation. Sometimes, a simple missing file or entries will stop the computer from booting up correctly and hangs within the “loading…” page. To do this, follow these steps:
* Insert your Windows installation disk and restart your computer
* Remember to boot from the CD/DVD Rom
* Choose your language and click Next to continue
* Click “Repair Your Computer” and then select your operating system
* Follow the on-screen steps to finish the repair to the computer
* When the repair finishes, restart the computer and you will be able to get it boot into normal mode effectively.

Once you have followed the two above solutions, I believe you will be able to access the system properly. To prevent further computer hangs in normal boot, you still have to check and remove all errors existing in the hard disk. In many cases, a problem within the hard disk can bring in this annoying computer error. I have mentioned in many posts such as “how to solve code 28 error instantly” to show you how to check and fix all errors & bad sectors on the hard drive. You can directly visit them for more instructions on how to do.

Also, you need to well protect the computer against viruses. Computer viruses can affect your computer by intercepting any and all information you enter via the web. Besides, they are able to add icons to your desktop without your knowledge, or add sites to your favorites which you don’t know. Seriously, once the viruses get onto your hard drive, they will replicate and spread them to others all over the web. At this time, you may have no other choice but to reformat, thus losing lots of important data. When the computer gets infected, you will soon fail to start up the PC. To protect the computer against viruses is what you should not ignore when trying to run a computer properly or start it up without a hang.

However, to permanently get rid of the “Windows hangs in normal boot” issue, you may need to use a Windows registry cleaner tool to do the job for you. This is because a problematic error within the Windows registry database can also stop you from booting up the PC properly. Professionally, this tool can scan the errors in your Windows registry database and list them all. Then, you can directly click on the “Repair” button to solve all problems by reorganizing your registry and deleting unnecessary files. A tool that can do this job well is called Registry Easy as it is designed to thoroughly scan and get rid of all errors on the computer within click. You can now download it on your computer to fix all existing errors immediately.

In conclusion, with the simple steps above you can easily maintain computer performance and make it run properly all the time. And no matter the Windows hangs in normal boot or shutdowns, one of the above solutions will help you!

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