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Windows Police PRO – How to Remove Windows Police PRO quickly

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on December 2nd, 2012 | Leave a comment

Do you constantly receive error messages stating that your computer in infected with severe malware infections? Windows Police PRO is one of the latest and most virulent spyware threats. Once your system is infected, you need to act quickly to remove Windows Police PRO before it does permanent harm to your data. Learn how to remove Windows Police PRO quickly and safely here.

This spyware can install itself onto your computer and then take over various Windows features, as well as to try and monitor all your online activity. The ease with which you can eliminate Windows Police PRO is somewhat dependent on how you got it in the first place. This knowledge can help you find the related files and processes much quicker than if you were starting from scratch. The way to remove this infection is to get rid of every last file it has placed onto your system.

How to Remove Windows Police PRO manually
Manual way is much more difficult than the steps briefly listed below. If you do not know much about windows system, it is better to give up manual removal. It is still recommended to back up important files and windows registry before you start.
1. Run task manager and stop Windows Police PRO processes

Windows Police Pro.exe

2. Run registry editor and delete related registry entries

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “minix32″

3. Search following files and delete them

Windows Police Pro.exe

A Quick and Powerful Way to Remove Windows Police PRO
You may think that manual removal is complicated after you have seen so many registry entries. These registry entries may probably regenerate and create more. You must want to have a quick and powerful way to remove this fake program. Spyware Cease is the perfect option for you for that it can help you get rid of Windows Police PRO in minutes. Now please click here and free download Spyware Cease and run a full scan. After it detects the virus, just click the remove button.

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