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Windows Protection Error – What are the causes and solutions?

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When starting up or shutting down the computer, you may possibly get any of the following error messages:
*While initializing device device name Windows Protection Error (where device name is a device name)
*Windows Protection Error

solve Windows error

Typically, this Windows Protection Error message will happen if you have just added a new program or hardware device to the computer. That is, if the system has to load too many things at the same time, then you will be likely to get this error message. Don’t be too scared when suffering from this error, here you will get solutions to deal with it soon.

To deal with Windows Protection Error message, restart your computer and get it into Safe mode. Continuously press F8 while starting up the PC and select “Safe mode with networking” option & hit Enter to continue. If you do not receive the error message in starting up your computer in Safe mode or shutting down from Safe mode, it tells that something goes wrong with the software installed on your PC. At this time, try rebooting the computer in Clean Boot to verify which causes the computer startup/shutdown error. By the way, you can also try this solution when getting a “Non-System Disk Error or Disk Error” message in starting up the PC.

*Click the Start, Run option, type in “msconfig” without quote within the box and press Enter to continue. This will bring the “System Configuration Utility” window.
*Select the “General” tab, and then the “Selective Startup” option below. Here, you should deselect the “Process SYSTEM.INI file,” “Process WIN.INI file” and “Load Startup Items” boxes.
*Then, turn to the “Services” tab, find the “Hide All Microsoft Services” box and select it with your cursor.
* Click on the “Disable All” button and then “OK” to save all your settings.
*Then, restart your computer with a clean boot, which helps to prevent other programs from interfering with your computer reading the CD or DVD and stop the appearance of the Windows Protection Error message.

If you keep on receiving the Windows Protection Error message in safe mode, there is no doubt that there are some problematic hardware devices existing on your computer. At this time, you need to make sure that all hardware devices are plugged in firmly and properly to the computer without an issue. What is more, make sure that all drivers are updated to the latest version. If a device driver on your computer goes corrupt or outdated, you will come to the chance to get the Windows Protection Error message. So, check and update your computer driver. Just go to Start, Control Panel, Device Manager; here, see whether there is a yellow exclamation mark near to any driver. If so, it is a sign to tell you that there is something wrong with the driver. At this time, right click the device, select update driver, wait for the update to begin and run. Then, you can restart your computer to see whether you can boot it up correctly without any annoying error message.

To totally get rid of Windows Protection Error, run your antivirus program to completely scan the whole PC and delete all detected viruses. If a file was mis-removed by a virus or when the hard disk drive is severely destroyed by computer viruses, a computer startup/shutdown error message will display when the computer cannot locate the necessary file correctly. Before running your computer protection program, make sure that it has been already updated to the latest virus definition.

Lastly, check and repair Windows registry errors. Generally, if you have been using the computer for a long time, there will be a lot of information, useful and useless, being recorded in your PC registry. But the problem is, some of the files recorded in the Windows registry may no longer be useful or relevant at all. Instead, they may slow down the computer performance and generate various PC errors when the system cannot locate the needed ones correctly or smoothly. This is to say, if the system cannot quickly or properly access the required entries to start up or shut down the computer, a Windows Protection Error message will appear. So, you should completely scan and clear all those useless entries and replace the corrupt & broken ones with a trusted registry cleaning tool. Once the system has no problem in accessing the desired entries, no error will appear.

Simply speaking, it is quite easy to get the computer run properly if you know how to maintain it in your daily computer life. With the above solutions, you can instantly get Windows Protection Error fixed and enjoy the computer properly all the time!

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