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Windows Registry errors – What is the best way to fix Windows Registry errors?

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When your computer acts improperly or displays some strange message, it means that something is not working properly within your registry. Acting as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry is used to store all the setting & options of the hardware and software on the PC so as to ensure the proper running of the computer all the time. No matter whenever you get a Windows registry error, you need to take immediate actions to fix it immediately to prevent it from total corruption.

repair registry errors

Before learning how to fix Windows registry errors, let’s learn together what will be caused when there are some errors existing in the Windows registry database:
*Unexpected decrease of system performance
*Mysterious system pops –up
*Slow computer speed
*Trojan and worm
*Certain system services inability
*Annoying emergence of Blue Screen of Death errors

How can you repair Windows registry errors?
To fix Windows registry errors, you can manually modify it if you know how it works and how to edit Windows registry errors. Here, I take how to fix Win32 error as an example to show you how to modify some registry entries. Bear in mind that even though this job works on many computers, I just recommend it to some experienced PC users as a modification to the Windows registry is needed. A simple mistake in the registry database will bring in unexpected disasters.

* Go to Start, Run, type “regedit” and then press “Enter” to open the Registry Editor on the screen.
* Click the folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and then “SYSTEM” > “CurrentControlSet” > “NETBT” and click “Parameters”; double-click the “TransportBindName” and delete any information within the “Value data” box.”
* Go to the “SOFTWARE” folder under the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” key and then “Microsoft”; click “Ole” and double click “EnableDCOM” to change the “Value Data” from “Y” to “N”; finally click “OK” to save the settings.
* Restart the computer to make all these changes take effect. With the ports closed, the Win32 errors should stop.

Usually, some computer errors can be fixed after a modification within the registry database. If you do not have enough computer knowledge to modify the registry entries manually, do not perform it forcibly as it will bring in more serious problems to the computer. At this time, if you have a registry clean tool installed on the computer, then I believe you can get the job finished quickly within minutes. Registry cleaners are designed to thoroughly scan & fix all Windows registry errors immediately without affecting stable computer performance.

All in all, whenever your computer gets Windows registry errors, take instant measures detect and fix it soon. Otherwise, you will finally end up losing the whole system.

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