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Windows start up too slow – Simple tips to get PC start up faster

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on March 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment

It is really frustrating to find the Windows start up too slow and you have to wait a very longer time for the computer to completely load up after clicking on the power button. I think, if you are a person like me – who do not have too much sufferance, you may really want to throw the computer to a trash. Wait, relax and here, based on my own experience I am going to show you some simple but effective solutions to get PC start up faster.

get PC start up faster

If finding Windows start up too slow, first you should install an anti-virus program to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all detected viruses. Once a computer is infected by viruses or spyware, numerous files will be attacked and removed from the computer. Besides collecting and stealing personal information, they will randomly change or reset your current computer/browser settings to navigate you to some strange & dangerous pages. A powerful and reliable anti-virus program on the computer helps to realtime protect your computer at any time. But do remember that, a frequent update of the virus database is needed, too!

Secondly, you should optimize the files/ programs on the computer so as to get PC start up faster. When you first bought the computer, it always comes with some installed programs. During the usage of computer, you will inevitably install programs, PC games on the computer. These programs on the computer will take up hard disk space. So when involving to computer optimization and get it start up faster, what you need to do right now is to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add /Remove Programs to uninstall the programs that you do not need. Besides, a cleanup of the TEMP files with the built-in Disk Cleanup utility is still needed. All of this will make the computer run faster.

Thirdly, repair system files timely. When trying to get PC start up faster, a scan with the system command “SFC” is needed. This is because when a file is mis-deleted and cannot be located properly, it may cause the computer a very longer time to boot up or response. Once a file is found to be missing or damaged, you will be prompted to insert the installing CD to restore the original file. You can go to Start -> run -> type “sfc /scannow” and then “Enter” to begin the scanning. By the way, please remember to use a patched CD to restore the system if the operating system in the installing CD is an older one, avoiding a restore to an older version.

Fourthly, you still need to make sure the Windows is updated. This way, the computer can access all files it wants correctly as well as improve PC performance, avoiding some unexpected errors just like error code 0X80010108 & computer will not shut down error. To update the Windows, you can simply follow the solutions here:

*Click “Start” > “All Programs” > “Windows Update”
*Download all available updates for your system
*Restart your PC

By the way, to update the hardware driver, directly download the available ones from the manufacturer’s website and install it on the computer.

Fourthly, you can easily speed up the menu display speed so as to make computer start up faster: Locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop” and then change the value data of “MenuShowDelay” to “0″. Hence, you will find that your menu will become surprisingly fast.

However, do remember to be careful enough when editing Windows registry entries. Otherwise, it may bring in more serious errors to the PC. We know that some invalid registries will be left in the PC registry after surfing the Internet or uninstalling some files from the computer bloated day by day. Sometime, these entries will cause a computer to start up too slow, freezing-up or crashes. So if time permits, please clean up the registry in a regular basic to maintain the windows system. Effortlessly, you can get access to kinds of registry cleaners such as Registry Easy from the net, with which you can effectively manage the PC registry. But please remember to first back up the registry before every cleanup.

Well, keep your computer far away from a slow startup is quite easy if you know how to do. Among those tips, running a trusted registry clean tool together with other routine updates is what you should not miss. This way, you will soon get PC start up faster and greatly increase your computer productivity.

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