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Windows update error code 646 – How to fix Windows updater error on your PC?

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on September 23rd, 2012 | Leave a comment

Is the “Windows Update Error Code 646″ a pain to you in installing some Windows updates? Do you want to install all your desired updates correctly without the unknown Windows error message? Well, it is a common error that usually happens when you are trying to update Windows XP or Vista. I thing no one wants to get an error message in using the computer or installing some applications. Here, I have some steps to help you fix Windows update error on your PC quickly.

Windows Update Error

Windows Update Error

When getting the Windows Update Error Code 646 message, you can directly search the code by using the Windows Update Troubleshooter. If you fail to install the updates due to an unknown error code 646, you can try to see whether the Windows Update troubleshooter can determine which steps you can take to resolve the problem by following the steps below:

* In the appearing window that contains the installation error code, click Find Solutions.
* In the Microsoft Update or the Windows Update window, in the “Type keywords here” box, paste the error number that you got in the box.
* Click Search.
* And then you will get some suggestions on how to fix the Windows update failed errors.

Then, you can re-run the failed updates. After checking and learning the code, you’d better download and reinstall the updates again to solve the update error code 646. You can do this by following these steps: Control Panel -> Windows Update -> View Update History. Here, you will see the failed updates, try to download and install them again manually.

Thirdly, you need to scan & clean all viruses from your PC. In many cases, you may fail to install some updates and get the error code 646 message when the computer is infected by viruses & other malicious threats or full of some unknown errors. So, to ensure a successful install job, you have to make sure that your computer is clean: 1) run your antivirus program to detect and remove all PC threats from your computer immediately; 2) run some system optimization tool just like Registry Easy to thoroughly and fix almost all errors on the computer.

In many cases, the Windows Update Error Code 646 will appear due to errors inside Windows registry database. It is the place that it is used to store and save the vital settings and options of all hardware & software on the computer. Hence, no matter whenever you install a program/device driver or Microsoft update to the computer, it will add some entries directly into this database. But not all such entries will be removed completely during the uninstalltion job, which makes the registry in a mess. When the system cannot locate its required entries to finish the install process, you may sooner or later get the Windows Update Error Code 646 messages. So, do remember to regularly scan and fix Windows registry at least twice a week if wanting to run the properly as expected without some errors like “Error Loading Operating System” and install all Microsoft updates/programs correctly!

To effectively fix Windows Update Error Code 646, you can use the best registry cleaner here. It scans your Windows registry as well as you whole computer to find out & fix all errors completely. Besides, it helps in optimizing the system and keeps it error free all the time. Download one now and I am sure you will get surprised.

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