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Windows update error code 66a – How can you fix it?

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When trying to install updates for the .NET Framework and some other utilities by using Windows Update or Microsoft Update, some may get an error message that has one of the following error codes:

  • error code 0x8007066A
  • error code 66A
Windows update error

Windows update error

Note that the code 66a error that appears while installing Windows updates is an unsafe error. If cannot be solved timely, it may bring in some risky unexpected consequences including slow computer performance speed, application conflicts, blue screen of death, data loss, hard drive failure, computer won’t start, system instability…

In many cases, the Windows update error code 66a can happen when there is a connection problem. You should first make sure that you are able to access the Internet correctly without problems by opening a URL. If you are not connected, try a little later or you can contact your ISP to solve the connection problem. If you are able to connect to the web, but still get the code 66a error message, make sure that your Firewall is not blocking you from downloading & installing from Microsoft Windows Update.

Then, you’d better check and remove all existing viruses from your PC. Even though your computer is just for daily usage, it can also get infected via a number ways, for example, you will get infected via email attachments, online downloads of games, movies and music, etc. Once gets onto the computer, they will stop you from installing some applications, Windows updates correctly on the PC by showing a Windows update error code 66a along with attack & destroy your computer. A simple virus scan helps to remove all viruses and allows the proper installation of all your desired updates correctly without problems.

If after the above steps you still fail to install the updates, you can try a manual download and install job. To do this, just follow these steps:

*Click Start, All Programs, and click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.
*Depending on your version of Windows, follow one of the following steps to view the update history:
->In Windows XP, click Review your update history in the left pane of Control Panel.
->In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click View update history in the left pane of Control Panel.
*In the list of updates, find the update that contains the code 66a error message, and note the Knowledge Base (KB) article number for the update.
*Then go to the Windows Downloads website, find and download the update to your computer.
* Save the download to any location of your computer, for example, your desktop.
* Once the download completes, locate it and then double-click the file to install the update.

If you still fail to install the desired updates by getting the annoying Windows update error code 66a, there might be something wrong with the computer itself, especially the Windows registry database. Registry is the heart of the Windows-based operating system to hold all information about everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of the computer. It also stores information about every of your PC activity like installing, uninstalling, users settings, account and program accessing etc. However, as time goes this database gets larger and large with useless entries, making the system difficult to access its required entries. While the system cannot recall the needed entries to install your updates, it will show an error code 66a. At this time, you’d better download and run a registry cleaner utility to thoroughly scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors. This is one of the most effective and safest ways to deal with the Windows update error.

In a word, a Windows update error code 66a is not terrible at all if you know how to fix it. And above are the most common steps that you can troubleshoot and fix this error on your computer instantly by yourself. Thanks for reading and wish it help you!

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