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Windows Vista boot up error – Steps to fix Vista startup error quickly?

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Looking for a way to fix Windows Vista boot up errors? I think you will be going to get mad when finding your Vista computer does not start up properly the right way one day. The system may take a very longer time to boot or show you some error messages just like “Windows failed to start” or “Windows error recovery” error. The tutorial below will focus on what causes the Vista startup error and provide you a brief description on how to fix it quickly.

Vista startup error

In some situations, the Windows Vista boot up error can only be caused by the temporary issue with the computer. If you are at the first time to encounter the problem, directly restart it to see whether you are able to boot it up as normal or not. If not, try using the Last Known Good Configuration to start up the PC:

* Restart the computer, press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears.
* When you are on the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to select Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER.
* Then, the computer will boot to your last known proper running status.

If you still get an error message at Vista startup, do remember to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. This is a must to maintain stable computer performance, especially if you are getting a lot pop-up ads on your screen or when your computer suddenly acts weird (e.g., the computer shuts down randomly). Deeply scan your whole computer with your security program and remove all detected viruses or spyware. By the way, to make the computer always run properly without problems, it is highly advised that you can let your PC protection programs always in the background.

Thirdly to solve the Windows Vista boot up error for you, you can run chkdsk in Windows Recovery Environment [RE] to solve the problem. Here are some steps on how to access Windows RE using the installation disk or a system repair disc. First of all, you need to make sure that you have configured to start the computer from a disc:

* Insert the disc and restart your computer by clicking the power button.
* When promoted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc.
*Choose your language settings, and then click Next.
*Then click Repair your computer and “Next” when you have selected the operating system you want to repair.
* When you are on the System Recovery Options menu, click command prompt to open it.
*And type the following command and press enter Chkdsk /F /R
*Follow the on-screen steps to continue to check and fix all errors existing on your hard disk which cause the Windows Vista boot up error.

Fourthly, to ensure a smooth Vista startup, you’d better take a hardware maintenance job regularly, which means that it is needed to do some jobs like cleaning dust. After being used for a long time, the computer may get dusty inside for the fan that pulls hot air outsides are always pulling in air, which laden with tiny particles of dust. When these particles cling to electronics, they act like a blanket to hold in heat. And the dusts always stay at the biggest heat producers like CPU, heatsink, and video card. So a cleaning dust is necessary regularly in order to prevent and stop Windows Vista boot up error. If possible, please keep the area around your computer as dust-free as possible.

Then, it is best that you can check and fix computer registry issues. With the continuous use of the PC and changes of the hardware & software configuration, it is very easy for the Windows registry to get corrupted. All these outdated entries make the registry unnecessarily heavier. In addition to, the remaining traces of the faulty uninstallation processes, empty spaces created by different applications, embedded keys created by the malicious programs can make the computer to run slower and slower. When the system cannot recall the correct entries in the registry database properly as usually, you will be easily get a Vista startup error message. Therefore, it is highly advised that you can download a registry tool just like Registry Easy to deeply scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors instantly.

With the above guidelines, you are able to easily troubleshoot the whole system can get rid of all inside errors that cause a Windows Vista boot up error. They are easy and simple, so why not take them right now? By the way, if keeping them in daily life, you can enjoy a pleasant PC life all the time.

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