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Windows Vista Java error 1606 – Repair Java error 1606 on Windows Vista effectively

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Windows Vista Java error 1606 will generally display when you are trying to open a page or launch a certain program that uses Java. Even though it is a common error, it troubles millions of computer users right now as lots of sites and contents make use of the Java so as to display correctly. The frequent appearance of Java error 1606 message is a sign to tell you something wrong with the PC. If cannot be repaired timely, you will fail to view all your desired pages with animation effect correctly.

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Test the Web from other aspects. When you are getting the Java error 1606 message on your Windows Vista computer for the first time, you can use another user account, another browser, or another computer to view the Web pages that triggered a script error to see whether the problem persists. If the script error remains, there may be a problem with the way the Web page is written. You can probably ignore the error and disable the script debugging by following the steps in method 2. If the script error does not occur in other user account, browser, or computer, the problem may be caused by files or settings on your computer. Don’t ignore it and continue on the below solutions to fix it.

Also, you should check all recent installations & changes to the computer. If the Java error 1606 message appears soon after you installed a new application or made any changes to your system, you should check and uninstall or undo the recent changes to see whether it solves the problems as some Java errors occur because of program conflicts or incorrect system changes.

Thirdly, remove temporary Internet-related files. You know that no matter whenever you open a browser to view a Web page, the computer will store a local copy of that Web page in a temporary file. If its size becomes too large, some display problems will happen when you open Web pages. Completely clearing the folder might sometimes help resolve the Windows Vista Java error 1606. To remove all the temporary Internet files, follow these steps:
* Start Internet Explorer, select Tools menu, click Internet Options.
* Click the General tab.
* Under Temporary Internet files, click Settings.
* Click Delete Files, and then click OK.

Fourthly, to prevent and repair the Java error 1606 on Vista computer you still have to get the latest version of the scripting engine provided by Microsoft on their website. Most of the time, Windows XP and Windows Vista often have these scripting engines pre-installed as you installed the Windows. If not, check and update them to the latest version. For Vista computer, you should go to manually download and install them on the computer.

Fifthly, the Windows Vista Java error 1606 message will also happen due to viruses or corrupt applications. The viruses will make the computer to reject connecting to your desired pages, as can the corrupt applications. Once your web browser was hijacked, you will no doubt get the Java 1606 error messages. For the security of the computer, it is highly advised that you can have a professional antivirus antispyware program running in the background to detect and remove all computer viruses.

Finally, to prevent and repair the Java error 1606 on Windows Vista, what you still need to do is to clean your registry database with an excellent registry cleaner regularly at least once a week. As the main component of the computer, a simple mistake in Windows registry will make the computer to run improperly and pop up with different kinds of computer errors. Cleaning the registry on a regular basic will not only get rid of Windows Vista Java errors but will also keep your computer clean from other computer errors because of a messy registry.

With the simple solutions above, you will be able to troubleshoot and fix Windows Vista Java error 1606 effectively. However, no matter you are using Windows XP, Win 7 or even Windows 98, you can also perform the above steps to check & fix all existing Java errors and other computer errors at the same time.

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