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Windows vista service cause freeze – Solve Vista freezing issue instantly

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Even though Windows Vista was released and claimed to include some improvements over its predecessor, it was widely criticized by many users and industry experts for slow operation, freezing and various other bugs. And we know that Windows Vista services are helps to make the computer more and more helpful & convenient, it at the same time can bring in some unexpected and sudden computer freezing issues. How can you stop Windows Vista service from causing freeze and run the computer properly all the time?

Vista freezing issue

When Windows Vista service cause freeze, you have to first well protect your computer again viruses and spyware. It is very easy for your computer to be infected by viruses and spyware even though it is used only for daily use. Once your computer is infected, lots of system resource will be wasted up by those infections. In this way, when there is not enough resource for the computer or program to start up, the freezing will appear. So it is better that you can always check your computer for any infections or malicious files hidden in your computer and delete them immediately. By the way, you have to make your virus definitions up-to-date by updating all available versions.

Secondly, disable unneeded Visual Effects. The Visual Effects utility is designed for better system performance. Some of the undesirable options seem to have the power to drastically slowdown the system performance. Once the system encounters a distinctive decrease, you may need to disable some Visual Effects options for system tune- up or solve Vista freezing issue.

Thirdly, free up system disk space. If your computer is low on disk space, freeing up disk space can help to solve & prevent Vista freezing issue. You can free your disk space by cleaning up the disks. To do so, head to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup. This procedure will clean your system of all temporary Internet files and old file programs. Also, you’d better uninstall all unwanted programs from the computer immediately.

After the above steps, defragment computer regularly. No matter whenever the computer starts, or no matter when you add/remove files, it will read through the whole system for its necessary files. If the disk has been fragmented due to lots of disorder files/folder, it will slow down the data access speed to greatly slow down the computer and finally causes a Vista freezing issue. However, a simple and regular disk defragmentation job will help you easily put everything in your hard disk in order and easy to be accessed. So do not ignore this aspect if wanting to fix your slow running computer or solve computer freezing issue.

Fifthly, you still need to check all installed software or hardware. If the freezing starts to happen after you installed a new piece of hardware, or new software program, or new drivers, uninstall it to see whether the problem solves.

Finally, fix all corrupted system registry entries. System registry errors are the core reasons of various computer problems rather than the Windows Vista service cause freeze issue. We all know that registry has significance importance in stable Windows running, and that’s why, any improper modification or a minor mistake in the registry may result in problems just like Vista freezing problem. So the final thing that you need to do is to do a complete registry scan and fix the errors found.

No matter you are running Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7, if it lacks of proper maintenance and was not well taken care of in daily life, kinds of errors including frequent freezings will come on the neck of another. Insist on performing the above steps from now own, you can effectively solve Vista freezing issue as well as maintain computer performance!

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