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Wpcap.dll error repair – How to fix wpcap.dll error quickly?

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The file wpcap.dll is widely used by the “libpcap 0.7”application on Windows, which helps make your computer run a number of important settings that are used to maintain the smooth operation of your PC. And same as other Dll files, the wpcap.dll can be used by many programs on the computer to ensure the proper running of the computer. But a wpcap.dll error will not only stop you performing these jobs properly, but also make the computer to perform incorrectly.

fix wpcap.dll error

What causes a wpcap.dll error?
*Corrupted Windows registry
*Outdated or corrupted device drivers.
*Faulty application or software program is installed in the system.
*Malware infection in the system
*Wpcap.dll file missing or corrupted.
*Current version of the file was installed by older version while installing some application.

How to fix wpcap.dll error quickly?
If the wpcap.dll error indicates that “wpcap.dll has encountered an error and has to close…”, you can simply type the find name on Google to search for and download an exactly same wpcap.dll file. And then place under your system32 folder. This sometimes will quickly fix your wpcap.dll error by overwriting the corrupt or missing one on your PC.

Also, you can fix missing wpcap.dll error by reinstalling the applications which is reporting the error messages. If the wpcap.dll error comes from a 3rd party software, try to uninstall and reinstall it again. Some applications save you the trouble from doing that by including a “Repair” option when you try to uninstall it. This method can help you retrieve the missing dll file in order to fix wpcap.dll error.

Sometimes, even though you have followed the steps above to download and place the wpcap.dll file from your computer, if there are viruses existing on the computer, the wpcap.dll file will be removed sooner or later. Hence, the third thing that you should do to prevent or fix wpcap.dll error is to thoroughly scan your computer with a professional antivirus antispyware program. By the way, this also helps to fix other errors like “An unexpected I/O error has occurred” error message at PC startup.

After doing the above two steps, you have to fix any possible problems that Windows could have inside its “registry database”. As the main part of the Windows, a minor mistake in Windows registry will also cause the wpcap.dll missing problem. We’ve found a tool called “Registry Easy” is able to thoroughly scan your computer and get rid of any potential problems inside your Windows registry that could cause the dll error message or slow Internet connection problems.

In conclusion, those are the common causes and solutions to the wpcap.dll error that appears on your computer right now. Just follow the solutions to go now, and you will soon get the computer run properly without frequent Dll not found or some other related messages.

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