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Wsock32.dll is missing – Fix wsock32.dll error on your own

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“The Procedure entry point bind could not be located in the dynamic link library WSOCK32.DLL”

fix wsock32.dll error

When downloading a file, staring up the PC or even launch a certain program, the users will come to the chance to get the above wsock32.dll error message. We know that wsock32.dll is a WinSock API Library file which required to ensure the smooth running of the computer; thus, no matter whenever you find the wsock32.dll is missing or not found on the PC screen, take instant actions to troubleshoot and fix it.

The wsock32.dll error is primarily caused by an inaccessible file that is needed to convert language that is computer-readable into human-readable form. If this file cannot be read, then the error will show up. This can mean that a file has been corrupted or damaged, and causes Windows to have a difficult time reading the file that it needs. Corruption refers to the inner framework of the file, which can possibly have been modified and thus, render the file unreadable to Windows. The wsock32.dll error you are seeing need to be repaired urgently for you to be able to use your PC normally again. Follow the outlined instructions to find out how to repair this.

Fix wsock32.dll error by yourself
Most of the time, the wsock32.dll error message can be caused when the one on your computer is broken or missing. So, the first thing you should do is to check whether the file is still on your computer or not. If not, you can simply download one from a safe website or other computer which running the same operating system, and then place it under “C:\\Windows\System32″ on your computer. By doing this, you can quickly fix the wsock32.dll not found error when it is caused by the missing or corruption wsock32.dll file on your computer.

Secondly, open your default antivirus program if you have one installed and run a full system scan. Error messages related to .dll files are often related to viruses or malware, so this should not be ignored when trying to fix wsock32.dll error. If your virus scan catches something, take the program’s recommended action to delete or quarantine the infected files, then see if the problem persists.

Sometimes, a lack of .NET on your PC can also bring in a wsock32.dll error to appear in launching a program. To remedy this, you should first look to install this framework onto your computer. Here’s what you need to do:
*Download the .NET Framework from the Microsoft website
* Run the installer
*When the installation is complete, restart your PC

If the error disappears after the restart, it means you should not have to worry about this error any more. But if it is still here, you should consider to use a third-party tool to fix wsock32.dll error automatically.

Besides the above aspects, the wsock32.dll error is often caused by the registry issues, which are a result of multiple changes to your operating system. As you install & uninstall programs, some registry entries will be added or removed from your registry database. Sometimes, this will completely remove files in the DLL, which of course affects the programs that trying to use it and result in the wsock32.dll error or shdocvw.dll error, etc. If this is the case, you can fix the problem by repairing your registry with a registry cleaner software. Besides, it is recommended that you can also regularly run Windows Disk Defragmenter to ensure the smooth access of your hard disk.

Generally speaking, a wsock32.dll error message indicates that either the file is missing or corrupted from the computer. If cannot be troubleshooted and repaired timely, it may stop you from launching some certain programs or even the computer eventually. Take the above steps right now, and you will soon solve the wsock32.dll is missing error on your own.

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