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XINPUT1_3.dll is missing – Fix XINPUT1_3.dll Not Found error immediately

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XINPUT1_3.dll is a dynamic link library file that commonly associated with the Microsoft Common Controller API and is widely used by several Windows operating systems to connect to various game controllers installed on your PC. Without this Dll file, some games on the computer will not run properly as usual. However, when clicking the “Launch” button to play some game, the users will annoying get an error saying that “The program can’t start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”. Why does the XINPUT1_3.dll go missing and how can to solve it so as to play all games correctly?

XINPUT1_3.dll Not Found

Why the XINPUT1_3.dll goes missing?
No matter it pops up when you start up the computer or launch a game, XINPUT1_3.dll error is thought to be an annoying system error because it is closely tied with XINPUT1_3.dll file which ensures the proper running of some games on your computer. It can be caused by multiple kinds of reasons, such as damaged registry files, hardware malfunction, irregular BIOS settings, third-party installed failure, damaged temp files and low disk space.

How to fix XINPUT1_3.dll Not Found error?
No matter you are suffered from a XINPUT1_3.dll error message or not, make sure the computer is totally virus clean. Virus or spyware on the computer can also results in XINPUT1_3.dll Error as they are able to damage all files on the computer. So do not hesitate to run an anti-virus program to check & remove all potential threats.

And sometimes, the dll errors can happen when you’ve mistakenly deleted the files from the computer. If you cannot find the file on your computer, you can directly download one XINPUT1_3.dll from a trusted website or copy it from other computer with the same operating system. By placing a new XINPUT1_3.dll file on the computer, the dll error message will go away instantly.

Thirdly, you can also reinstall the game that using the dll file trying to fix the XINPUT1_3.dll errors. Most of the time, a missing or corrupted file related to the game using XINPUT1_3.dll can also cause the application error messages. So, you can also reinstall the program to solve the exe problem. By replacing your system with the fresh new files and settings, the XINPUT1_3.dll error will be gone immediately.

If you are still receiving this XINPUT1_3.dll Not Found error message after you have removed the PC malwares and performed all the above steps, you need to clean out your computer’s registry because Trojans are very damaging and harmful to your computer and can cause long lasting effects if not treated as soon as possible. The registry is a very complex virtual database that stores vital information that your computer uses all the time. The information that it has stored here acts like instructions which tell your computer how to act or what to do under certain conditions, and the registry is structured in a specific way that it can operate as quickly and smoothly as possible. Things like Trojans and other viruses can seriously tamper and alter the structure of the registry causing devastating effects.

To remove XINPUT1_3.dll error message you can open up the Registry Editor and try to find the keys manually and delete any entries that corresponds with the information about registry keys located further up in this article. If not, it is best that you can rely on a professional registry cleaning tool to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors causing the dll file to go missing, and then get it back instantly by re-registering a new one on your computer.

To play all games and use the computer properly, you should fix the XINPUT1_3.dll Not Found error as instantly as you can. Otherwise, besides stopping you from playing the game properly, it can also bring in some unexpected damages to the PC.

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