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Your Computer Has been Locked – How to Unlock Your Computer

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Your computer has been lockedIs your computer locked by a warning “your computer has been locked”? This is a fake alert displayed by a kind of Trojan. When you turn on the infected computer, you will see a huge alert message preventing you from access the normal desktop. The message will tell you that Your computer has been locked due to violation of the law and you have to pay a fine to unlock your computer.

It sounds like it is a legitimate warning from Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but it is only a fake one cheating users to pay the fine. “Your Computer has been Locked” fake alerts are classified as ransomware, which has become a popular infection. No matter when you see a warning related to payment, you should be careful. First, you should ignore such warning and do not waste your money. Actually, the Trojan is not just for locking your computer and getting money from you. Such ransomware can steal sensitive information from the compromised computer, especially when you enter your credit card information to pay the fine. Next, you should know how to remove “Your Computer Has been Locked” fake alerts.

How to get rid of “Your Computer has been Locked” fake alerts and unlock your computer
The alert is caused by a Trojan, so you need to remove the Trojan to unlock your computer. The best way to deal with a Trojan is to use a professional virus removal program. When your computer is locked, you can try to enter Safe Mode with Networking and run your antivirus program. If you can run task manager quickly before the alert pops up, you can end related process to prevent “Your Computer Has been Locked” and then it will be easier to get rid of the Trojan.

If your antivirus program can not remove the Trojan, you should download an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease. I believe you can get rid of the Trojan and unlock your computer instantly.

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