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Zinkwink Removal – How to Remove Zinkwink.com quickly

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on December 30th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Zinkwink is a malicious domain that many users are redirected to. The website contains a search engine system, which can not provide real information. It is classified as fake search engine related to google redirect virus. When your computer is redirected to Zinkwink.com from time to time, your computer is infected by some kind of browser hijacker virus. The infection will redirect all web browsers on the compromised computer. It is hard to say whether the site is designed to damage a computer, but we can be sure that the site use redirection to promote itself. It is certainly an unusual way and will affect computer performance. Zinkwink redirect virus alters DNS settings, modifies browser settings and initiates problems.

Zinkwink redirect virus can attach to freeware and shareware. When you install a program and you do not carefully read the lists of additional installation along with the program, you will get the virus installed. If you uncheck the unwanted items, you can avoid such infection. Some malicious toolbars can redirect the browser to Zinkwink.com. Google search result will also be redirected to websites that have nothing to do with the query.

How to remove Zinkwink for good
The recommended way is to use a virus removal program to fix the redirection since it is caused by malicious browser hijacker. Besides, manual way is also an available solution, but it is very limited. Only users with good sense of system can manage manual way.

Zinkwink manual removal involves uninstalling malicious add-on, removing malicious files and delete associated registry entries. First, you can run add/remove program and check through the list of programs that are installed on your computer. If you find a suspicious add-on, uninstall it. Second, use windows search to find Zinkwink files and delete them. Last is a key step. You need to remove registry entries added by the virus.

Honestly, few people can remove the browser hijacker virus manually. Even those who have the ability such as experts and pc technician will not spend so much time on the problem, since there is a fast and effective solution. That is to use a virus removal program. Such programs can detect and wipe off Zinkwink browser hijacker automatically. Are you wondering which you should use? Spyware Cease, a professional antispyware, is highly recommended in many websites.

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