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Zlib1.dll is missing – Steps to fix zlib1.dll error instantly

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Some computer users complained that they can’t get ePSXe.exe to work at system startup by getting this error message again and again:
“This application has failed to start because zlib1.dll was not found.”

zlib1.dll error

zlib1.dll error

First of all, remember that ePSXe.exe is the avant Internet browser upgrade for Windows Internet Explorer so as to always ensure smooth computer life. When something goes wrong, you will fail to do some PC tasks correctly. To get the proper running of the ePSXe.exe and your whole computer, you should fix zlib1.dll error instantly.

What makes zlib1.dll go missing?
Most of the time, the zlib1.dll error message happens when something goes wrong with the zlib1.dll file on your computer. This is a file that directly related to your the Dll files in your computer and windows registry. Typically, the Windows rely on the dll files to load many programs correctly. This means if this zlib1.dll file is missing or corrupted, some applications using that file cannot be loaded together with frequent appearance of zlib1.dll error messages. The common reasons behind this error is often due to drive errors, buggy software, Spyware & viruses infections or registry errors.

Steps to fix zlib1.dll error instantly
To prevent and fix zlib1.dll error, you should let your antivirus program go to a waste. We know that it is very easy for the computer to be attacked and infected by kinds of PC threats. Once the zlib1.dll file was mis-removed from the PC due to PC infection, you will come to the chance to get error loading zlib1.dll on system startup. Running an antivirus antispyware program helps to protect your PC against different types of malicious software. You might be confident that your computer doesn’t have viruses if wanting to enjoy a smooth computer life all the time. Even though it is running OK right now, you still have to run the antivirus software at a regular basic as there is a 90% chance for you to get infected though your PC is only for daily use.

Then, thoroughly search your system to see whether you are able to find the zlib1.dll file indicated in the entry point not found on your computer or not. If not, there is no doubt that it should be mis-removed from the system without your knowledge. But you are very easy to get back the file with the simple steps here:
*Do a restore job to get your computer back to a previous state before the zlib1.dll error message happens.
*Download the zlib1.dll file from a secured web page and place it on your computer, by default, the location should be C:\windows\system32
*Copy the zlib1.dll file from other computer that running the same operating system and place it under the system31 folder.

By the way, when you are getting the iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error, you can also try these steps to get back the file on your PC so as to make your computer and iTunes run correctly all the time.

If you continue on getting the zlib1.dll error messages, you should check if there are some errors or corrupt sectors in the hard disk, which are also causing the issue. I would suggest you to use check disk command and check and repair for any errors on hard disk. To check and fix the hard disk errors, you can directly perform the following check disk commands:
* Click Start.
* In search window type ‘cmd’ and click Enter to go.
* Right click and select ‘Run as administrator’.
* Type the prompt “CHKDSK /P” and press Enter to scan and fix all errors in the disk.
* Type the command prompt “CHKDSK C: /F /R” and press Enter to repair corrupt sectors if there are any.

Finally, you should check and fix Windows registry errors. We all know that registry is the place where stores many data and entries of your system, software & hardware. In other words, you can find all the information about the PC programs and apps here. This way, the computer should know how and when to perform every PC request correctly. However, when malicious entries appear and enter the registry, the registry will become the main causes for many PC errors including the zlib1.dll is missing error messages. To always run the computer correctly without problems, it is highly advised that you should have your registry fixed regularly and make it clean & compact all the time. You can quickly do this by downloading and installing a registry cleaner tool on the PC. It will thoroughly scan your whole PC and repair registry problems instantly.

In a word, the zlib1.dll error is really a frustrating but vital problem you should deal with. If you are lucky to come to my article here, you will certainly be able to fix zlib1.dll is missing error and make computer work properly again without worrying about any similar problems.

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